Simple Stamping

Hi Stampers!

imjust want to share with you about Simple Stamping.   This is something that I am not used to doing .   Ever since I started making cards 7 years ago, I always wanted to upimprove not only my style and technique but the level of complexity,   That is just me.   I love all the fancy stuff-- multiple layers, embellishments of all kinds--ribbon, jewels, sequins and making things pop up to give dimensions.   However, there is a lot to be said about creating those designs that simple and classic.   The very fact that YOU made the card is enough for your recipient to appreciate the time and effort you gave in making the card.  I know we all love to impress others with our work, but we all started doing the basics.   I will soon be posting a card I designed using the simple stamping concept,   So watch out for it!