So You Want To Be a Demonstrator!!!

So, I don't know if any of you are like me...a crazy woman avid stamper, but I want to share a bit about how I got started in stamping/paper craft and how Stampin Up came into my life.    When I was working full time, I had a friend who is a card maker and I envied her creativity and how beautiful her projects were....I said....I want to learn how to do this!!   However, as I was working full time, I really did not have any available time to learn or do any thing like that.   When I retired, my friend took me under her wing---and she shared with me all the materials and equipment she used as well as how to use them.   Hubby bought me my BIG SHOT and the rest is history.    For a couple of years I was creating cards---using materials from the Big Box stores and I was introduced to one of the On line Demos----Jessica Taylor---I quickly started following her videos and thought I should try some of their products.   Well, it was all over. I was hooked on Stampin' Up products.   The quality has no comparison!     It wasn't long when I realized that I needed to become a Demonstrator.   I just love what I do so much, and believe in the products, I just had to. I want to share with you a poem I wrote to encourage those of you who are contemplating being a Demonstrator.   I am telling you, once you TAKE THE STEP, you will never go back!   ENJOY!


Today I want to share with you

Exactly What I love to do.

I measure, & cut paper, ribbons & bows, 

Yes, it keeps me on my toes.

It started for me some five years ago now, 

A hobby I found quite accidently & how!

Stampin' Up, for me, met all of my needs,

Pretty paper, matching inks, with ribbons & beads.

Your projects for sharing follow an easy format, 

The supplies match "picture perfect" now how great is that!

You can sell online with your Blog & your Store, 

But Workshops & Classes offer so much more.

Your thinking, this is great! but there is so much more!

A 20% off you have discounts galore!

There are pre-sale ops with early release dates, 

Encouraging plenty of shopping with your new reduced rates.

Each Stampin' event, there is fun & friendship I know, 

Your group leaves so happy with their hearts all aglow.

And then there is ONSTAGE every Spring & Fall, 

You meet the greatest people & you all have a Ball!

For Shelli & Sara they are at the top of it all, 

Paving the way for success in those who answer the call.

To Love What We Do & Share What We Love,

Is the Statement Of The Heart we are very proud of.

So now please think of all I shared with you today, 

My goals is showing you what's available, so please don't delay.

If someday you decide you need something to do, 

Be a Stampin' Up Demo, it's the best thing for you!


Hope you all have a wonderful day!    Try Stampin' Up today...see what it is all about...maybe someday you will be a Demonstrator like me.   No regrets.   Only FUN!