How are you Holding Up??

Hello Stamping Friends!

Just checking in to all of you and hoping that you are staying safe and healthy.   These are trying times in our world today, and it doesn't do any bit of good to get panicky as we have no control as to what happens.   What we can do, is look at how we react to all the changes.   We need to be concerned and listen to all the guidelines and recommendations that we are given by our Country's leaders in an effort to help get our world under control.   Since the vast majority of the population is unable to leave the house or leave limitedly, we must find ways to spend our time productively.   I spend some time daily, cleaning various parts of my home that often don't get a lot of cleaning on a regular basis---windows, baseboards---I repotted a couple of plants.  Gave my dogs a bath---and am spending a lot of time making new cards and adding them to the Blog so all of you can see!   

Spending time, doing what I love is a wonderful way to pass the time.  I also like to Bake so may try some Cinnamon Rolls!

I Pray you are all well and safe----enjoy every day that you can spend feeling healthy.   Be kind to others and reach out to those you haven't heard from!!  

Running Behind!

Good Morning Stampers!

As like most everyone else, I am caught up with all the chaos that is going on currently and trying to make the best of thngs.   I have one class that has cancelled---due to people practicing Social Distancing---but 2 other classes on the fence---attendance is usually under 10 people.   I am slowly getting some of my uploaded projects on the site---so please be patient.

My job has me currently on hold.   Much of my current job involves visiting Members and Patients in their homes---much like a Visiting Nurse.   I am only in a Part Time capacity---when needed, so at this time, they are not using me---so I have no need to go in to work.   I guess that means I can stay home and stamp more.   I will spend a lot of time---just doing some Spring Cleaning!  That is a good thing!  

I hope you are all staying well and laying low.   Be smart, be responsible and be prudent.   Wash your hands for 2 minutes and wash often!

I'm Back!

Hello Fancy Stampers!

Sorry I have been abscent off the scene lately---I am just back from a Retreat and will getting back into the swing of things this week!   I am rested and raring to go.

I hope that you all are not getting overly panicked with all the media concern over the Corona Virus---As a Nurse who continues to work---I just need to let everyone know that if you practice common sense living, you will remain healthy.  

*Good Handwashing---after meals--restroom and touching common objects

*Stay away from large events and gatherings if possible

*Don't go to work or school if ill

*Keep your home and work area clean

*Use bleach wipes to wipe off common areas that are used by a multiple people

*Eat a healthy diet and drink 4-6 / 8 oz glasses of water daily----this does not include tea, coffee or soda pop.

*Get plenty of rest!   6-8 hrs of sleep daily if possible

*Get some exercise---walk, jog, swim whatever you do to stay fit.

Finally, try not to overreact.   Be sensible---use common sense and as this passes---we will have everyone staying well.

Thanks and have a great week!!