Upcoming Changes with Stampin" Up

Hi Stamping Friends!

Just wanted you to all be aware of some upcoming changes that will be occuring very soon.   

1---PRICE CHANGES----As with any business, there will always be price changes in manufacturing and production, global exchange rate changes and competitive rates---after all Stampin' Up is a business like many others----so you will be seeing a SLIGHT increase in SOME prices----mostily I noted in Card Stock, the Medium Size Envelopes and Designer Paper.  There are a few other items I noted such as embossing powder and some other items.  A more comprehensive list will be available soon.   

2---CHANGES WITH DIE CUTTING AND EMBOSSING----Effective with the new 2019-20 Catalgoue, Stampin' Up will no longer be selling the Big Shot die cutting and embossing machine as well as any of the accessories that goes with it.  Now that being said, there are reasons.   Stampin' Up has had a 10 yr contract with Sizzex who brands the Big Shot.  The contract is expiring and the company would like to research and explore ways of improving and providing a better product.   There are many places where you an purchase a die cutting/ embossing machine.   And don't worry, your dies and embossing folders will work with any of the machines out there.

In addition, the embossing folders and dies will be different.   Again, it is an improvement and a change of manufacturing.   Only for the better.   

Since I will be attending the ONSTAGE event this Saturday in Salt Lake City, I know these changes will be addressed and I know I will obtain much more information that I will be able to share with you all.   

Remember that Change, tho scary, is always good...and we know that is something that we will always have in our lives.   I am sure that Stampin' Up will continue to have quality products to serve us all and we will all learn and grow together.   

I'll get back with all of you next week, when I return.