Hello Crafters!

Last Saturday October 5th---I hosted a WORLD CARD MAKING DAY "Coffee & Card" event---6 lovely ladies attended and we made 2 cards with their promise to mail to someone they love!  How perfect that WORLD CARD SENDING WEEK---follows our Card Making Day.    One of the wonderfull things about getting a card in the mail---is that it can often be an unexpected surprise!   Most people anymore are communicating to one another with text, email facetime and other social media outlets.   But to take time and send a handmade card---is such a great way to bring joy to someone---maybe they are having a bad day, and your card will help them get to feeling better.   So take time and send a card to someone today!   Stamping Up has a goal to send out 50 000 cards and i'ts up to us to make that happen.   Let me know how many cards that you sent out this past week!   

I will be posting my new events later today---for the rest of this year---I soon will have all the events for the first part of next year so be sure to watch out!

New recipes for cards are posted periodically, so besure to look out for them

The Stampin' Up Clearance Rack is a great way for you to increase your current inventory!   Be sure to check it out.   The "Everything is Rosy" Set that we had this past year is now on a 15% discount on the clearance rack.

I added a couple photos of the cards we made this past Saturday as well as the display set up I have for my first ever Craft Show as a Vendor!    Many people are surprised when they hear I have never done a show---but I haven't ----I am a little nervous but excited more!    Let me know what you think of my display.   It does look a bit crowded, but I do have another table that I will be setting up.  That should do it!   Have a great week everyone!