New Stamparatus Accessories

Stamparatus Accessories

Stampin' Up has come up with additional accessories for you Stamparatus positioning tool.    

  • 2 additional plates so you can place your stamps and be ready to go
  • Foam mat for more clear and crisp stamp impressions
  • Grid paper for proper alignment of stamps on all your projects
  • 2 magnets to best keep your paper project in place.     These products are also available in a KIT      Contact me for details! 

Silver to Silver Elite!

Hello Fancy Stampers!

I want to share with you a new Program that I am fortunate to be part of.  Stampin' Up has initiated a pilot program---Team Silver Elite---and chose random Silver level Demonstrators (I'm one) to participate in a 12 week training to assist us in advancing within their Company.  It is an opportunity to learn and grow in the business as well as an opportunity to meet what Stampin' Up calls their "SWEET SPOT".   Each Monday we will receive a new "challenge" to complete---lots of resouces for us to grow in Leadership, Recruitment and Sales.   It really is a challenge as you will have to work a bit to meet the challenges, however, when you LOVE WHAT YOU DO, and SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE, it makes it so much easier.  

So I wanted to share with all of you today, the 3 GOALS I have set for myself this week...

GOAL #1:   Increase my notariaty within my Local community and Online to increase my customer base and eventually sales.

GOAL #2:  Currently, I have 1 Downline---that is a Demonstrator who signed up under me----she happens to be my Sister heart and very new to the program having only signed up January of this year.  I want to be able to communicate with her more in a business sense as well as family---so she can learn & grow to make her business her own and promote to the next level.

GOAL #3:  I am going to increase my presence on Social Media, by sheduling when I am going to make entries on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, as well as my Stampin' Up website.  I have already started this process---by completing a calendar of events on my IPhone where I have specific days to post entries---as well as send emails to my Customer base.

So, Perhaps YOU all may someday be interested not only in learning more about Stampin' Up and their WONDERFUL products, but also attending one of my home classes that are held every month here in Buckeye, AZ,   Or perhaps just visit my Blog and webpage at to start shopping.   That's exactly how I started.    

You are welcome to comment below or email through this site.    In the meantime---if you have any questions---I am here to help!!     Happy Stamping everyone!

Hello Fancy Stampers!

I am so excited to start this new blog with all of you! I am the Original AuntieLUU and I've given that name to this blog as well as to my crafting group classes that I have 2 days per month.  I will begin by telling you a bit about me and how I got into stamping & paper craft along with where did the name AuntieLUU come from.    I have always loved the creativity & beauty of handmade cards--a friend of mine who is a crafter showed me all the equipment she used and the step by step process.  I learned about Stampin' Up through her recommendations on the Internet and over time realized how the color coordination and quality of the products of Stampin' Up are so superior.  And so I started purchasing their products.  That was about 3-1/2 yrs ago.  However, it has only been one year on September 8th that I became an Independant Stampin' Up Demonstrator.  Welcome to my Stamping world.  Let's have fun together!

So Auntie LUU was a name that my Sister In Law used to teach my Nephew my name--He could not say Auntie Angela, so she taught him to say Auntie LUU--and it stuck.  He is now 32 yrs old--and I am still Auntie LUU to him and his younger sister.     Keep on Stamping!